Mechanical Design

J.A. Design has experience in almost every type of mechanical design. You can see this wide variety by clicking on the "Samples of our work" tab. We begin the process by discussing closely with the customer the key specifications of the product they want designed or created. These specifications are used to put together sketches and design concepts to build toward the end product. We pride ourselves on our communication with the customer throughout the design process. It is our goal to make sure these exchanges of information result in an end product the customer is well pleased with.

"It's all in the little things."

- Joseph P. Angeski

3-D Modeling

3-D Modeling

After the initial birth of the concept we move into 3-D parametric solid modeling to fully define the geometry of the product. In this stage we can show the customer exactly what the finished product will look like. This allows us to achieve a better understanding of what the customer wants and to any requested changes before the prototype is brought to life.

2-D Drafting and Detailing

2-D Drafting and Detailing

In this stage, J.A. Design follows the latest drafting and geometric tolerancing standards to create detailed drawings. An extensive bill of material is created for every job as well. These highly detailed drawings are taken very seriously because our staff understands their importance. This is the last step the customer will approve of before the job is sent for manufacturing.

Engineering and FEA

Engineering and FEA

J.A. Design also has the ability to analyze the product at any stage of the design process by utilizing the engineers on staff and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software. This is where we can look at every small area of a part to analyze if it's strong enough. It is paramount that the product will not only be practical but safe as well.


Various materials we have worked with:

Metal Level Detectors for hot molten aluminum

Automated Ultrasonic Welding and assembly of elastic tie string on a surgical face mask

De-riveting robot for oddly curved surfaces of an aircraft wing

The human body in patient manipulation devices

High speed glass handling equipment of molten & ambient temp glass during the process of manufacturing glass panes

Automated system to test, paint & dry fragile light bulbs

Ultrathin coil manufacturing for use in humans for electrical muscle stimulation

Mounts for high precision & fragile large telescope mirrors

Grit filled abrasive putty used to polish and hone fuel injectors