J.A. Design is a thriving mechanical design company born of humble beginnings, from a time where only simple tools such as #2 pencils, quadrille paper, and creativity were needed. In 1954, Joseph P. Angeski, newly married with a growing family, moved from Buckhorn, PA to Pittsburgh to put his toolkit to work as a Draftsman.

Joe always had a mechanical aptitude, even as a young boy, building his own bicycles, rebuilding alarm clocks, and recreating bridges and towers with toothpicks. Joe also held his High School's highest score in drafting which was administered annually by General Electric. Joe knew he had to move to Pittsburgh if he were to make it as a Draftsman.

Joe landed a job with Fecker Inc., a telescope manufacturing company, based in Pittsburgh, PA. Joe was hired as a draftsman and because of his skill, Joe was promoted several times to eventually become a Team Leader. Joe had a keen wit and a unique skill to think spatially, visualizing the mechanical functions of assemblies, and then capture his creations on a simple quadrille pad. Joe had the ability to communicate his sketches both orally and written in the form of isometric sketches to his staff. Joe was also supervising many of the engineers as well as collaborating with management and bidding on projects on a regular basis. As Fecker Inc. flourished, Joe was told he could no longer be promoted because he did not have a degree. This proclamation did not stop Joe.

In the early 1960's, Joe and five other draftsman resigned from Fecker to start their own company called SANMAC Associates which was located in Pittsburgh. SANMAC landed several government contracts creating instruments used to track the stars and multi-axis simulators. This was a boon for SANMAC as they capitalized on the space race and the goal of "walking on the moon". Joe eventually patented several of his created mirror-mounts, many of which are still used today. SANMAC thrived for 14 years.

However, the partnership was not as successful as the company. After negotiating control and ownership with his partners, Joe took control of SANMAC in 1975. As sole proprietor, Joe renamed his steadfast company to J.A. Design, Inc. Joe moved his expanding business to Murrysvile, PA., and eventually to Greensburg, PA where the company still thrives today.

Over the years, Joe has not only designed machines for the aerospace industry, but has also done jobs in Medical, Glass Handling, Steel Mills, Automotive and Foundry work to name a few. Joe's customers include U.S.Steel, Westinghouse, Herman Corporation, Edwards Airforce Base, and many others. J.A. completes more than 50 jobs annually with a high level of customer service and satisfaction.

Joe passed away in June of 2005, but his vision continues with the guidance and direction of his son-in-law, Albert Yurinko. Albert was under Joe's professional guidance for more than 20 years prior to Joe's death, and he proudly continues operation of the company under the same name and with the same outstanding business ethics. Albert has the same sharp acumen and mechanical talent, just as Joe had. Joe has taught all of his employees that the customer comes first, giving outstanding service was always key to his success. A tradition that Albert and his employees carry on today. Albert has the same great knack for transferring his ideas and teaching his techniques and concepts of creative design.In a world of high job turnover, it is good to know that there are still solid companies that have a stable workforce. All of our present employees had worked with Joe for at least 10 years prior to his passing and are able to draw on his teachings and mentoring skills to produce quality designs while maintaining cost efficiency. This stability allows all of the employees to focus on their work and their customers, and not on training new employees. Our customers know that they have a vast wealth of creative experience with every employee. J.A. Will continue to incorporate these concepts and ideas into all future work. We will be forever indebted to Joe for his integrity, courage, creativity, fairness and intelligence. These characteristics are still engraved into our corporate culture today.