Acutronics - Flight Motion Simulator Controls

ALCOA  - Plug Rod Actuators & Metal Level Detectors

Allclad - Pottery Polishing Equipment

Alle-Kiski Mittal Steel - Design of Effluent Tank

Allegheny Heat Treating - Heat Treating Conveyor System

Allegheny Ludlim - Design and Detail of Warming furnace Lid

AMI Doduco - Design of Press Unloader/Stacker

Asko Automation - Rolling Mill Sensing Equipment

AutoFloat - Design of Automotive Flotation system

Billco Manufacturing - Design and Detailing of Glass Handling Equipment

Brashear - Detail drawings of customer designs

CARCO - Design and Detailing of Simulator for Flight Control

Case Western University - Flexible Coil Manufacturing Equipment for Human Implants

Clark Screw - Design of Hose Clamp Slitting Machine

Curtiss-Wright Electro-Mechanical Corporation - Numerous Tooling for Assembly/Lifting & Testing of Pumps, Valves and Actuators 

Cutler Hammer Eaton - Design and Detailing of customers Electronic Switches & Controls

D & C Supply - Machine to produce FLEX-TEN Carbon Steel Fibers for Concrete Reinforcement

Dr. Robert Peterka at Oregon Health & Science U. - Patient Manipulation Device to Test Vestibular Related Eye Movement Control

Dormont Manufacturing Company - Corrugated Gas line Tubing Manufacturing Equipment

Economy Steel - Design and Detailing of Ingot Stacker

Exonics Systems - Incandescent Light Bulb Filament Winding Machine from Cam to Servo Driven

General Electric - Automated Light Bulb Testing & Painting equipment

Good Samaritan University - Several Vestibular Ocular Patient Manipulation Devices

Hampton Controls - Telescope Primary Mirror Mounting Arrangements

Herr Voss - Design and Detailing of Right Angle Transfer Foundry Car

Hutchinson & Gunter - Design and Detailing of Industrial Glove Box

Hyle & Patterson - 3D Modeling of Railcar Dumper

Hyle & Patterson - Design & Detailing of Railcar Mover Carriage & Foundation

Integrated Industrail Technologies, Inc. - Stepping Motor Control Feedback Systems

Jennison Corporation - Design and Detailing of numerous prototype machines

Kennametal - Design and Detailing of miscellaneous Carbide Bit Processing Machines

Keystone Manufacturing, Inc. - Design of Shafting Keyway Automated Cutter

Kingsbury, Inc. - Bearing Lapping Table

Multi-Mount - Electrical Sensor Mounting and Adjustment Brackets

NDI Engineering - Laminated Buss and Capacitor Bank Assembly

Neuro Kinetics - Patient Manipulation Rotational Chair

Olson Engineering - Design and Detailing of Rotary Furnace Charge & Discharge Machine

OTW Tooling Company - Design and Detailing of miscellaneous Tooling

Siemens Industry, Inc. - Design of Steel Coil Automated Test Piece Sample Cutter

Siemens Westinghouse Power Company - Design and Manufacturing of Turbine Blade Clamping Fixture

Speranza Machining, Inc. - Design and Detailing of miscellaneous Tooling

Teleflex Marine - Marine Control Cable Winding Machine

Unity Fabrication Technologies, Inc. - Design and Detailing of miscellaneous Tooling Teleflex Marine

University of Rochester -  Patient Manipulation Device related to Vestibular Ocular Testing

Westinghouse Science & Technology - Numerous Tooling & Testing Equipment