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J.A. Design, Inc. Clients
J.A. Design, Inc. takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients to design custom solutions that exceed expectations. Our attentive staff makes every effort to ensure you are 100% satisfied. Listed below are some of our previous clients along with a brief description of services provided to them.
Alle-Kiski Mittal Steel                                                    
Allegheny Heat Treating                                               
Allegheny Ludlim                                                          
AMI Doduco                                                                    
Asko Automation                                                          
Billco Mfg.                                                                       
Case Western University                                            
Clark Screw                                                                    
Curtiss-Wright Electro-Mechanical Corporation
Cutler Hammer Eaton
D & C Supply
Dr. Robert J. Peterka at Oregon Health & Science Univ.
Dormont Manufacturing Company
Economy Steel
Exonics Systems
General Electric
Good Samaritan University
Hampton Controls
Herr Voss
Hutchinson & Gunter
Integrated Industrail Technologies, Inc.
Jennison Corporation
Keystone Manufacturing, Inc.
Kingsbury, Inc.
NDI Engineering
Neuro Kinetics
Olson Engineering
OTW Tooling Company
Siemens Industry, Inc.
Siemens Westinghouse Power Company
Speranza  Machining, Inc.
Teleflex Marine
Unity Fabrication Technologies, Inc.
University of Rochester
Westinghouse Science & Technology

                                     Service Provided

Design & Mfg. of Flight Motion Simulator Controls
Design & Mfg. of Plug Rod Actuators & Metal Level Detectors
Design & Mfg. of Pottery Polishing Equipment
Design off Effluent Tank
Design & Mfg. of Heat Treating Conveyor System
Design & Detail of Warming furnace Lid
Design of Press Unloader/Stacker
Design & Mfg. of Rolling Mill Sensing Equipment
Design of Automotive Flotation system
Design & Detailing of Glass Handling Equipment
Detail drawings of customer designs
Design & Detailing of Simulator for Flight Control
Design & Mfg. of Flexible Coil Manufacturing Equipment  for Human Implants
Design of Hose Clamp Slitting Machine
Design & Mfg. of numerous Tooling for Assembly/Lifting & Testing of Pumps, Valves & Actuators
Design & Detailing of customers Electronic Switches & Controls
Design & Mfg. of machine to produce FLEX-TEN Carbon Steel Fibers for Concrete Reinforcement
Design & Mfg. of Patient Manipulation Device to Test Vestibular Related Eye Movement Control
Design & Mfg. of Corrugated Gas line Tubing Manufacturing Equipment
Design & Detailing of Ingot Stacker
Design & Mfg. of Incandescent Light Bulb Filament Winding Machine from Cam to Servo Driven
Design & Mfg. of Automated Light Bulb Testing & Painting equipment
Design & Mfg. of several Vestibular Ocular Patient Manipulation Devices
Design & Mfg. of Telescope Primary  Mirror Mounting Arrangements
Design & Detailing of Right Angle Transfer Foundry Car
Design & Detailing of Industrial Glove Box
Design & Mfg. of Stepping Motor Control Feedback Systems
Design & Detailing of numerous prototype machines
Design & Detailing of miscellaneous Carbide Bit Processing Machines
Design of Shafting Keyway Automated Cutter
Design & Mfg. of Bearing Lapping Table
Design & Mfg. of Electrical Sensor Mounting & Adjustment Brackets
Design &Mfg. of Laminated Buss & Capacitor Bank Assembly
Design & Mfg. of Patient Manipulation Rotational Chair
Design & Detailing of Rotary Furnace Charge  & Discharge Machine
Design & Detailing of miscellaneous Tooling
Design of Steel Coil Automated Test Piece Sample Cutter
Design & Mfg. of Turbine Blade Clamping Fixture
Design & Detailing of miscellaneous Tooling
Design & Mfg. of Marine Control Cable Winding Machine
Design & Detailing of Long Wall Mining Rig Cutter Rework
Design & Mfg. of patient Manipulation Device related to Vestibular Ocular Testing
Design & Mfg. of numerous Tooling & Testing Equipment